Cannon drill C25-3D25-78SP07

Cannon drill C25-3D25-78SP07

C25 – Cylindrical clamp size ɸ25mm

3D – Drill length 3 x drill diameter

25 – The diameter of the drill bit is 25mm

78 – Maximum drilling length in mm

SP07 – Mark and size of the insert intended for this drill.

Cutting insert suitable for this drill: SPMG07T308.



Cutting insert for cannon drill SPMG 07 T3 08 LF6018

Cutting insert SPMG 07 T3 08 LF6018.

S - Turning insert shape - SQUARE

P - Plate with a free angle (11°) under the main cutting edge

M - Turning insert tolerance

G - The shape of the cutting surface and the method of fastening the cutting plate

07 - Tile size

T3 - The thickness of the turning insert is 3.97 mm

08 - The radius of the cutting edge of the tile is 0.8 mm

The insert is suitable for drilling several types of steel, as well as for drilling stainless steel.