Lathe knife S16Q-SCZCL09

Turning knife S16Q-SCZCL09 for internal turning.

Suitable for turning inserts CC_ _09_ _ .

S - The holder is made of steel

16 - The diameter of the holder is 16mm

Q - The length of the lathe holder is 180mm

S - The turning insert is clamped to this holder with a screw

C - The shape of the turning insert that is clamped on the holder (ROMB 80°)

Z - Angle under which the turning insert is clamped in the holder (100°)

C - Free angle of the turning insert intended for this lathe holder (7°)

L - Lathe Chuck Orientation (Left)

09 - Tile size suitable for this holder in mm


  • Hardened steel 42-45 HRc

Compatible with tiles. . . CC_ _09_ _.