Turning holder MTJNL 2020 K16 for external turning

Turning holder MTJNL 2020 K16 for external turning.

Suitable for turning inserts TN_ _16_ _.

- Method of clamping insert in to holder, with a clamp from above, and with screw through insert

T - Shape of turning insert which can be clamped into holder (TRIANGULAR)


- Angle under which the insert is attached to the holder (93°) relative to the workpiece axis

N – Clearance angle of insert for this holder (0°)

L – Orientation of turnig tool is left

20 – Height of turning tool in  mm

20 – Width of turning tool in mm

-  Length of turning tool is 125mm

16 – Insert size which can be clamped in to holder


  • Hardened steel - 42-45 HRc

Compatible with inserts . . . TN_ _16_ _.