Turning insert DCMT 07 02 04-MV LF6018

Turning insert DCMT 07 02 04-MV LF6018 .

D - Shape of the turning insert - ROMB (55°)

C - Plate with a free angle (7°) under the main cutting edge

M - Turning insert tolerance

T - The shape of the cutting surface and the method of fastening the cutting plate

07 - Tile size

02 - The thickness of the turning insert is 2.38 mm

04 - The radius of the cutting edge of the tile is 0.4 mm

MV - Breaker shape

The turning insert is originally intended for turning stainless steel, but it also performs well when turning other steels.

Suitable for turning knives, such as SDJCR 1010 H07, SDJCR 1212 H07, SDJCL 1010 H07, SDJCL 1212 H07, S12M-SDUCR07 .