Turning insert CNMG 12 04 08-TM LF9118

Turning insert CNMG 12 04 08-TM LF9118 .

C - Turning insert shape - ROMB (80°)

N - Plate with a free angle (0°) below the main cutting edge

M - Turning insert tolerance

G - The shape of the cutting surface and the method of fastening the cutting plate

12 - Tile size

04 - The thickness of the turning insert is 4.76 mm

08 - The radius of the cutting edge of the tile is 0.8 mm

TM - Breaker shape

The turning insert is suitable for turning several types of steel and also for turning hardened and tempered steels up to a hardness of 50HRc.

Suitable for turning knives, such as MCLNR 2020 K12, MCLNR 2525 M12, MCLNL 2020 K12, MCLNL 2525 M12, S20R-MCLNR12, S20R-MCLNR12, S25S-MCLNR12.